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“The card makes you eligible for the special benefits at Patanjali Exclusive stores (Mega Store, Chikitsalaya & Arogya Kendra), Patanjali Wahan Chalak, Patanjali IOCL Stores and online. It gives you cash back of 5% depending on the amount of recharge and additional 3% discount if the single bill is above ₹ 5000/-. The members will also get financial assistance in the case of accident subject to term and condition.” Card Details

Cash Back offer

  • Top Up Amount Nishtha Rashi
  • Up to ₹ 4000 5%
  • ₹4001 & Above 7%

* customer will received cash back at end of the day once he recharge

maximum cashback Rs 490/- in a calender month.

Discount offer

  • Amount billed (Rs.) Discount
  • Rs 5001/- and above 3%
Members can get this card by visiting into Patanjali Exclusive stores against payment of Rs 100/-. To activate this card, the member need to provide some basic information like his aadhar / voter id number, name age etc along with nominee name and doing the first recharge of minimum Rs 500/-. Store List
To become a member, you need to visit the nearest Patanjali Exclusive store. You will need to fill an application form and provide mandatory details. You will need to recharge the card with minimum Rs 500/- as the first minimum recharge. After registration you will receive a MSG (SMS) on the mobile number provided in the application form containing transaction PIN. You will also receive a SMS message where you will be provided a link to consumer portal along with USER ID and PASSWORD. You can log in to the consumer portal to enquire details of your account and change the transaction passwords etc.
The card can be recharged at any of the stores. No charges/fees will be applicable. The card can also be recharged online through payment gateways. There might be charges on recharging online through Payment Gateway. The payment gateway charges will have to be borne by the customer. These customer can see charges (if any) on the recharge portal. Recharge Now
Yes. You need to maintain minimum balance of Rs 100/- in the card at any point of time. If the transaction amount will make the card balance go below Rs 100/-, the transaction will be declined by the system.
“The card will be valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. The card can be renewed by paying a nominal charge ₹25/- only.”
A customer cannot change his/her mobile number on the same card. In case, there is a scenario customer wants to change his phone number, then he has to close his current card and take a new card. In the new card, he can provide a new number. Store List
The customer can only update email id, in case of customer did not provided at the time of activation of SSC.
“The card will be used only on the Patanjali exclusive Stores- Mega Store, Chikitsalaya, Arogya Kendra and Patanjali Wahan Chalak, Patanjali IOCL Stores and online. A list of such a stores is available on the website.
The cash back, depending upon the amount of recharge, will be credited to card within 24 hours. Customer will also receive a confirmation message (SMS) regarding the credit of cashback.
You can get a new card by paying Rs 100/- (inclusive of Taxes). All the previous data and balance will be transferred to the new card number. The new card and transfer of data and balance can be done at any of the exclusive stores of Patanjali.
You are expected to be careful with your PIN as the same can be used to swipe goods at any of the stores. However, if you forget your PIN, you can regenerate it by RESET PIN option in your online account. You will require to login into your account by using Customer ID and Password provided to you at the time of issuance of Card. In case you have forgot/misplaced the CUSTOMER ID also, then you will need to call our customer care and obtain the same. “Request for new transaction pin via SMS from registered mobile number i.e. REQPIN (Space) (Last 4 digit of SS Card) and send to 8889022211.”
Presently the card can be used to purchase any product available in the exclusive store. However, Patanjali reserves it right to restrict the usage. Patanjali will publish list of such products on which the card may not be used, as and when it happens.
The members who and have swiped the card for purchase of Patanjali products amounting Rs 6000/- in the last 180 days from the date of accident, will be provided a sum of Rs 5.00 lacs in case of death and Rs 2.50 Lacs in case of Permanent disability. The scheme is available to members of age group of 1-75 years only. The assistance will be subject to others terms and conditions also which are available at the websites of New India Assurance Company Limited.
You can request the customer care for closure of the membership. After verification and confirmation from you, the customer care executive will register your request. Once processed, the cap of minimum balance will be removed, and you can spend the balance in maximum 15 days. After the said period the card will be closed.
If you enter the incorrect PIN more than the allowed attempt (3 times), the Card will be blocked. You can login to the consumer portal to reset the PIN. The New PIN can be used from the next day ie. From 12.00 am.
with patanjali Swadeshi Samridhi Card you can take benefits on more than
5200 stores
Patanjali Mega Stores
Patanjali Chikitsalaya
Patanjali Arogya Kendra
Patanjali Gramin Kendra
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